The Symbol of Homoeopathy

Ateet Ka Jharokha

The symbols are meant to represent the soul of what they symbolise conceptually. It could just be the other means of understanding the philosophy behind an act.

The Science of homoeopathy accepts the possibility of any material as simple as a single element to the most complex ‘chemical’ or ‘biological’ matter or, for that purpose, a physical mixture of any thing that exists; possessing medicinal powers. In simple words, any and every thing under the sky could well be a homoeopathic medicinal substance.

However, homoeopathy does not have a symbol. At least one that represents the science and philosophy that governs it. Hence here is the proposal. Though, this has been conceived and developed by the web owner, neither the copyright is claimed nor one would be allowed to. It is open to all, provided used in its true context — i.e. homoeopathy.

The outermost blue ring here represents the limitless sky that encompasses everything that could be justified as existing within the universe and beyond. Nature could be the closest term to represent that. Hence, the green in the motive symbolises ‘nature’.

The smaller blue circle in conjunction with the small green dot within, at the centre, represents the smallest possible replica of what so ever exists under the sky. This is a homoeopathic dose, which a homoeopath invariably dispenses.

The two white rectangular strips (sticking plasts) represent the professional approach of physicians. As also, the red and white colours here are to represent all of the life forms that could be possible under the sky.

 (१५ मई २००२; से साभार)